What We Offer

We advance the Japanese market trading ecosystem for our members: Our Market-Leading Matching Engine provides a low-latency, high-capacity venue with a reputation for rock-solid stability and reliability. We provide Premium Colocation Spaces to our members. Day and Night Market allows clients to trade longer than ever. Industry Experts drive our company forward in the digital age to provide superior client service and oversee day-to-day operations.

Membership Eligibility

Japannext PTS brings together members and investors in an efficient and transparent securities marketplace. Become a member and experience the price improvement of trading at Japannext PTS.

Your firm must be a registered broker-dealer in Japan and registered with JSCC (Japan Securities Clearing Corporation) for clearing and settlement. For further information feel free to contact us at

Onboarding Procedure

For new participants we guarantee a simple and transparent onboarding procedure which typically takes 4 to 6 weeks from the initial kick-off meeting to completion. We support participants competently and reliably during the entire process. The diagram below provides an overview of the connectivity process and all relevant milestones.



  • Client request for information
  • Gather requirements
  • Send onboarding documents


  • Client's internal approval
  • Confirmation for service
  • Client's documents signoff


  • Install network lines
  • Install managed routers
  • Extend connectivity to client’s network


  • Perform functional test on UAT environment
  • Perform weekend testing on the production environment


Begin trading on Japan's largest PTS!

Business Setup

The goal of the business setup is to obtain regulatory and legal approval for your institution as a trading participant. The documents required for participation must be completed in full, legally signed, and forwarded to Japannext.

Operations Setup

In Operations Setup the focus is on establishing problem-free connectivity with Japannext PTS.

Connection Infrastructure
  • IP-VPN, point-to-point connection (3, 10, 100 Mbit and 1 Gbit), or co-location (1 Gbit or 10 Gbit).
  • Clients can choose from the following carriers: KDDI, NTT, KVH, and SBT.
  • Application forms must be filled out by the client to establish connections.
  • Japannext PTS manages connections to the client’s end point for the production environment.
  • Japannext PTS managed service is optional for the UAT environment.
Order Entry
  • We provide an escalation contact list from Japannext PTS side.
  • We request an escalation contact list from the client side.
  • Clients need to specify desired number of order entry ports in the request form.
  • We provide IP addresses and port numbers that the client may connect to.
  • Order entry IDs will be decided by Japannext PTS and given to the client.
Market Data
  • Clients have the option to develop their own market data feed handlers. In this case we provide:
    • IP addresses and port numbers of the market data servers.
    • Authentication accounts and passwords to access the market data feed.
    • Multicast dissemination of market data feed through PIM-SSM for co-location clients.
  • Clients who wish a turnkey solution may consider any of the major market data vendors.