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    Disclaimer on the Usage of Margin Trading Reports
    1. “Daily balance report”, “Current outstanding margin trading”, “Current outstanding margin trading (by negotiable margin trading/standardized margin trading)”, and “Weekly balance report” are disclosed in accordance with Item 2 Paragraph 6 and Items 2 to 4 of Paragraph 10 of Article 6-7 of the “Rules Concerning Sale and Purchase, Etc. of the Listed Share Certificates, Etc. Conducted Outside of a Financial Instruments Exchange Market” of the Japan Securities Dealers Association. “Daily balance report” includes the stock names, designated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, for which the security deposit ratio for margin transactions was raised (additional collateral required), and the stock names designated by Japan Securities Finance Co., Ltd for which a warning notice concerning the use as lending securities was given and the stock names for which stock lending application was restricted, and such stock names are disclosed voluntarily since those are not required to be disclosed under Item 2 Paragraph 6 of the aforementioned Article.
    2. We take reasonable precautions to ensure the accuracy of each information, however, we do not guarantee the accuracy, the faultlessness or the completeness of each such information. The user shall be solely responsible for the usage of this information.