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The list of securities at Japannext PTS for which trading has been halted today is provided below. To view all securities, please click LOAD MORE button below.

Nighttime Market on October 25, 2021

Daytime Market on October 25, 2021

Status Symbol Security Name Start Time Resume Time Action Time Reason
- Sorry, No data available -
Status Symbol Security Name Start Time Resume Time Action Time Reason
- Sorry, No data available -

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Information about securities (including halted ones) eligible for trading at Japannext PTS can be retrieved below. The base price and upper and lower price limits of each IPO stock are provided after the initial price of that stock has been determined at the primary market.

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Scope of Tradable Securities

Attribute of Securities Tradable Securities Untradeable Securities
Exchange Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Nagoya Stock Exchange
Fukuoka Stock Exchange
Sapporo Securities Exchange
Type of Security Common Stocks
Domestic Exchange-Trade Funds (ETFs)
Domestic Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
Infrastructure funds
Foreign stocks
Investment securities
Preferred equity investment securities
Class shares
Venture (capital) funds
Country Funds
Foreign ETFs
Exchange-Trade Note (ETN) trusts
Japanese Depositary Receipts (JDRs)
Convertible bonds
Share options
Type of Market First Section (TSE)
Second Section (TSE)
Mothers (TSE)
JASDAQ Standard (TSE)
IPOs On the day of listing, IPOs will start trading after confirming the determination of opening price. For this reason, there will be a slight time lag between the determination of opening price and the start of trading. Securities in which the opening price is not determined due to failed deal.
Domain Supported Not Supported
Security Type Interest-bearing JGB:
Zero-coupon Bond (Strips)
Treasury Discount Bills
Inflation indexed Bonds
Municipal Bonds
Corporate Bonds
Convertible Bonds
Callable Bonds
High-Yield Bonds
Bank Debenture
Trade Type Outright Trading Bond Switching
Basis Trading
Repurchase Agreement
When Issued
Auction Day New Issues will be tradable from the business day following the auction New Issues will not be available for trading on auction day